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Bulk hiring in another words Mass hiring/ volume hiring happens when a firm gets hold of a new process and needs to train and deploy a huge number of people to fulfill their needs in a limited period of time. One of the biggest recruitment challenges for a large organization is volume hiring at junior levels without compromising on quality and speed. Yet, the natural tendency of most recruitment firms is to focus on senior & middle management recruitment services. Currently, this segment is highly fragmented with various small to mid-sized recruitment firms occupying this space with no one being able to provide the reach and scale to fully satisfy client needs.

TCT provides high quality recruitment solutions that addresses volume hiring needs at junior management levels for large corporate companies and start-up companies as well.

Bulk hiring is a process of hiring or recruiting candidates in the large amount for an organization. The process of Bulk Hiring is for selecting and short-listing eligible candidates in a large amount. The human resource department of TCT does this for corporate companies as we not only short list the right candidates but we also analyze their strengths, weakness and the right skill sets there by matching the firm’s requirements and satisfying the demands of the employer and job seeker!

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